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Make the Paradigm Shift

A lot of companies run their entire enterprise using what I like to call “old school tech”:  Sadly, all their mission critical data is found in spreadsheets, badly designed access databases, and of course mounds of paper documents.  Eventually these companies get the funding to implement enterprise systems.  However, they find if difficult to take the leap and make the paradigm shift.  They insist on mapping their original processes exactly into the new system.

The result is a system that works – but not as well as it should.

All of the workflow procedures become a linear sequence of steps.  The conversation goes something like this:

Me: “Tell me about this process.”

Them: “First we do this, then this, then this…”

Me: “How about we try to perform both these steps at the same time?  It might save a few days.”

Them: “No, no, no!  We’ve been doing it this way for years.”

Me: *sigh*

Often they don’t understand – or don’t want to hear – there is a better way.  Or they may be completely resistant to change.  For example, companies try to save by using electronic reports instead of printing thousands of pages.  However, some users will always immediately print a 500 page report as soon as they get access to it.

I think that all workflow installers should be trained counselors.  So that they may first help their customers overcome their fear of change.  Then they can start gathering requirements.

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