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Process to Profit

March 28, 2007 1 comment

I’m a programmer. Not an artist.

Sometimes I fail to remember this simple fact. On occasion, I try to play artist. Especially, when I take a look at my corporate logo and realize…”man, that kind of sucks”.

It is the tragedy that happens when a software engineer gets his hands on a copy of Photoshop. I figure I would just “tweak it a bit”. A few hours, a pot of coffee and a sunrise later I realize that maybe I should recruit a pro.

So I signed up for the guys (and gals) at Logoworks to redo my logo. I heard they had a unique process for streamlining the creation process. As a workflow guy, I figured I had to check it out.

I have to say I’m impressed. I haven’t actually seen the finished product yet. (I’ll make sure to share the prototypes with everyone). However, their process of gathering requirements is great. They start with a step-by-step wizard to find out what you want – colors, shapes and text. Then they show you existing logo samples and ask what you like and dislike. In only a couple days, you get to see prototype samples. Then, the samples are routed between the customer and designers for review. The bottom line is a new paradigm that provides professional designs without massive cost.

Typically, companies use workflow to streamline and reduce cost. I spend a lot of time automating accounts payables departments. So, the primary focus is on minimizing overhead. This is an amazing example of turning process into profit. The team at Logoworks uses workflow to innovate the delivery method.

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