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Dead trees can be expensive

September 30, 2008 1 comment

Decades ago consultants told us about the dream of the electronic paperless office. It’s cheaper. It’s easier. It gives you and your employees more flexibility. This paperless utopia has yet to be realized – but we’re a lot closer. Much or our daily work is electronic based. Yet, many of us still spend a tremendous amount of time shuffling, stamping, and filing dead trees.

Paper may never go the way of the Dodo bird. However, there are solutions that can help bring your office a few steps closer to the “paperless dream”. I recently found read an article on describing how small or mid-sized business may find it easier to make the transition (Here is the link to the article).

Here are a few bullet points to consider:

  • Small and mid-sized businesses have advantages over lager businesses when it comes to moving to paperless. There is less bureaucracy. They can be much more nimble with their IT projects.
  • Electronic is faster. Accounts payable invoices may require several weeks to process. Especially, if the invoice needs to be approved before payment or a discrepancy is found against the purchase order. Shuffling paper takes time. An electronic process can reduce the lifecycle of the payment process.
  • Don’t forget about security. A document scanned and password protected on your server is much more secure than sitting on your desk.
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