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Enhancement: Export and Attachment features from SmartClient

December 10, 2009 2 comments

The document capture and search screens have been enhanced to include an export feature.  This export feature allows the users to save the document to their desktop as either a PDF or TIF file.  The new enhancements will be part of the DocEdge SmartClient 2010, Q1 release.

Export from Document Capture

The document capture screen can include a button to prompt the user where to save the image file.  User may browse and select the location to save the file.  The file name defaults to the name of the document.  Users may select to save the image as either TIF or PDF.

Also, attachments can also be managed as from the Search screen.  This allows you to attach image files saved on your local computer into the archive.

Export from Search

The search screen also provides access to the export feature.  This functions exactly the same as the export feature from document capture.

Export: Search

Export from Search


You can limit access to the export feature from the management console.  Configure the group you want to grant access to the export feature.  Click the “Export” column as seen below to grant export privileges.

Export: Configuration

Configure group to access export feature


DocEdge Version Naming

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Starting with the first release of 2010, DocEdge point releases will have a new naming convention.  Each release shall be formatted as follows:

DocEdge <product name> <year>, <quarter>[.<sub release>]

This new naming convention will allow us to discuss versions in a more understandable format.  For example, the first release of the SmartClient shall be named:

DocEdge SmartClient 2010, Q1

The sub revision of “.1” is assumed for the first release of the quarter.  If we need to release a minor revision during the first quarter, then we will include a sub revision.  For example:

DocEdge SmartClient 2010, Q1.2

Any updates for each release shall be updated to this site.

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